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Syn-Hycan Reviews

Syn-Hycan is said to reduce skin sagging and even lessen the appearance of a double chin. An ingredient that effectively performs this function would surely be coveted by wrinkle cream users across the globe.

Syn-Hycan is the marketed name of a tripeptide in glycerin and water. Peptides are known for skin-improving properties, so let’s look closer at the wrinkle-reducing function of the tripeptide Syn-Hycan.

Syn-Hycan Functions

Syn-Hycan manufacturers claim Syn-Hycan causes a firming and remodeling effect on the skin. According to manufacturers, this effect comes from its ability to stimulate hyaluronan (HA) synthesis.

HA is an important component of skin tissue that significantly decreases as part of the aging process. Syn-Hycan supposedly increases HA composition to repair tissue and firm the skin.

According to manufacturers, Syn-Hycan also increases lumican and decorin levels in the skin, which keep collagen fibrils strong and lead to tighter, stronger skin.

Syn-Hycan Studies

So far, Syn-Hycan has only been studied by the company that makes it. But, this study shows significant results.

In a double-blind study, female volunteers ages 55 to 65 with visible skin sagging on face and forearms were given an application twice daily. One formulation contained 2.5% Syn-Hycan and the other contained none.

Results were evaluated through measuring the remodeling effect of the face contour, measuring the skin’s biomechanical properties, evaluating through a questionnaire, and illustrating the visual effect. Researchers found Syn-Hycan increased tension, tonicity, and skin firmness compared to placebo.

Study results also show Syn-Hycan significantly decreased the double-chin profile by improving skin firmness. Plus, three times more Syn-Hycan users agreed their skin was more firm and moisturized than did placebo users.

Researchers concluded Syn-Hycan is ideal for firming the skin, remodeling the face, and providing anti-sagging and anti-aging benefits.

Syn-Hycan Guidelines

Syn-Hycan manufacturers recommend wrinkle creams contain a concentration of 2.5% Syn-Hycan for best results. There is no known risk to human health from using Syn-Hycan.

Syn-Hycan Reception

Due to Syn-Hycan’s promising results, DSM Nutritional Products won a 2010 BSB European Innovation prize for cosmetics. The BSB Innovation Awards recognize achievements in the personal care and cosmetics industry.

Syn-Hycan Inventors

Syn-Hycan is manufactured by DSM Nutritional Products, a company that sells vitamins, carotenoids, and other ingredients to pharmaceutical companies and personal care industries. According to their official website, the company has sales of more than 3 billion.

Where to Find Syn-Hycan

Syn-Hycan is found in various wrinkle creams, moisturizers, and anti-aging formulas. One of WrinkleCreams.com’s top products, Nanotokin, contains Syn-Hycan.


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